Accept the impossible as an improbable not yet solved.

The Infinity Physics, LLC team is dedicated to providing realizations to physicists’ imaginations. Infinity Physics specializes in multi-physics theoretical to pragmatic research and development transforming innovative science into a turnkey technology.

The Infinity Physics, LLC primary mission is to develop commercial superconducting applications across industries.


DoE Awards SBIR grant for LMHS-C


Infinity Physics has been awarded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding for the development of our Linear Media Handling System for Cables (LMHS-C) by the US Department of Energy (DoE). LMHS is being developed to increase the fidelity and reliability of wire and tape wound conductors for automated manufacturing. Cables are used in the power transmission and high power electromagnetic devices from electric motors and generators to electromagnets used in particle accelerators. LMHS is aimed specifically to solve the difficulties of winding modern superconductors and thereby unleashing the benefits of zero resistance to the flow of electricity across markets from commercial industry to defense.

Infinity Physics, LLC Moves to Colorado

The Infinity Physics, LLC corporate headquarters was moved from the Austin area of Texas to the greater Denver area of Colorado (CO) in Q1 2014. Infinity Physics was aggressively pursued by the state of CO with multiple funding incentives to assist corporate product commercialization and facility expansion. In particular the Governor’s office is interested in Infinity Physics creating a first ever in the world, “Superconducting Applications Center of Excellence,” which turns CO into a technical world lead for the coming superconducting market. Additionally CO is a hub for our customer base which further incentivized our team.

The Infinity Physics team is proud to be a Colorado based company and views this move as a great step in furthering our corporate expansion.