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The Infinity Physics, LLC team is dedicated to providing realizations to physicists’ imaginations. Infinity Physics specializes in multi-physics theoretical to pragmatic research and development (R&D) transforming innovative science into a turnkey technology.


NI Week 2013

NI Week 2013 - Studica Booth #1

Our education team staffed a booth for the 2nd year in a row at National Instruments (NI) Week 2013 highlighting our educational product line, PortaLAB, and precision winding products and capability product line, MMP-LMHS. NI Week 2013 - Studica Booth #2This year the booth was shared through the developing relationship with our educational product customer Studica. NI Week 2013 – Academic Forum. Professionals and educators from around the globe reviewed and were impressed with our latest team product release announcements.

NSF Awards SBIR grant for LMHS

Infinity Physics has been awarded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding for the development of our Linear Media Handling System (LMHS) by the National Science Foundation (NSF). LMHS is being developed to increase the fidelity and reliability of wire and tape wound conductors for automated manufacturing. Devices with wound conductors are used in the majority of current electromagnetic systems from electric motors and generators of all shapes and sizes to electromagnets used in from particle accelerators and industrial MRI machines. LMHS is aimed specifically to solve the difficulties of winding modern superconductors and thereby unleashing the benefits of zero resistance to the flow of electricity across markets from commercial to industrial to defense.

NSF Awards SBIR grant to Infinity Physics for portable education laboratory

As the partnership with Ideation Systems continues to develop, a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) focusing on providing personal laboratory experience into the emerging field of portable education. Infinity Physics in collaboration with Ideation Systems was selected to receive funding for completing the PortaLAB Levitator experiment kit and begin work on 3 additional experiment kits that are expected to offer eagerly awaited value to an expanding market.

The PortaLAB product line will continue to develop in conjunction with Ideation Systems, LLC. Follow the emergence of this technology and availability of offerings here.