Infinity Physics was founded with the passion for exploration of nature through the development of physical technology. The members of Infinity Physics are dedicated to providing realizations of the imaginations of physicists to the world. The resulting inventions will provide pathways for development of civilization.

Infinity Physics believes that nature provides a foundation of ingredients that shape our world. The development of an understanding of these ingredients allows proactive construction for creations supportive to the pinnacle construct in nature: life. Infinity Physics focuses talent on creations that have a global or greater impact.


Infinity Physics, LLC transforms cutting edge science into turnkey technologies.  Our specialty in multi-physics research and development (R&D) extends from high fidelity analyses to final designed hardware product lines. This capability extends from single component to integrated full system analysis, design, and test including controls and optimization with associated connection to physical hardware.

Infinity Physics also comprises systems engineering and management, public and educational outreach, marketing and conference, and facility design capabilities.